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We feel fortunate to receive positive reviews from people about the level of service and treatment they experience with Heart Of Florida OB/GYN Associates.

With great pride, here are some of our favorite reviews from those that have shared their experience with our practice.

“One of the biggest reasons for coming to Heart of Florida OB/GYN for so long is the one-on-one attention that you get, not just from the office staff, but also each and every doctor and nurse practitioner.”

– Michelle, Patient

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“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Andah, and the staff! Dr. Andah is a very caring, and kind Dr! Very down to Earth! He delivered my son in 2018, and will be delivering this baby in November! Highly recommend him, and his staff!”

“Amazing doctors!!! Staff and nurses are awesome. Nothing but good thing to say about this place. I had an amazing pregnancy and delivery. I wish I could replay back to some of the bad reviews.”

“Thank you for the best care! I have trusted Heart of Florida OBGYN for both my pregnancies and c-sections in the past. Years later today and you still amaze me with how friendly and caring you still are.”

“The best thing that I love about this doctor’s office is that there is a wide range of doctors, midwives, and nurses here. Every pregnancy is different, and there’s always someone here who can answer your questions.”

– Nicole, Patient

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“Dr. Alkass and his staff are outstanding. Each and every one of the people in this office are caring and compassionate, and really show that they care for the patients. Dr. Alkass is the best OB.”

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Salamanca for 24 years. I drive well over an hour, one way to see him. And I will continue to do so as long as he is still practicing. He is the best in the business, and I always recommend him.”

“I will most definitely be coming back for all of my pregnancies. I was apart of the centering program and I loved that so much, I really felt like I gained a 2nd family throughout my whole pregnancy!”

“There is a really great support network here. From breastfeeding to the nurses to just calling and asking questions, the staff is great about taking the time to answer all your questions. They will explain things differently as many times as needed for you to understand.”

– Kristen, Patient

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