Family Planning

Heart Of FloridaHeart of Florida OB/GYN Associates is a full-service center for women’s health care in central Florida. We offer everything from family planning to menopausal care, and we’ve been in business for 20 years. Our staff members are well-trained, friendly and eager to provide impeccable service. Our physicians and midwives are highly experienced, and they take the time to get to know patients and their needs thoroughly.

Annual Well-Woman Care and Gynecology

We provide annual exams for women of all ages, and we take the time to address all issues. We believe women should maintain their health as well as that of their entire families, and we strive to provide some of the better women’s health services in central Florida.

Family Planning Services

Family Planning and Contraception

At Heart of Florida OB/GYN Associates, we’ll help you determine the birth control method that is right for your lifestyle and unique needs. We offer hormonal and non-hormonal options including, oral contraceptives, vaginal rings, injectables, implants, patches, and I.U.D. (Intrauterine Device). We can also discuss the effectiveness of other methods like condoms and spermicide. Once you’ve chosen a certain method, we’ll go over how it works and how to administer it and discuss benefits and potential side effects to watch out for. We have over 100 years of combined professional industry experience, and we stay on top of all current developments in the field of family planning.

Postpartum Birth Control

If you’re currently pregnant and receiving prenatal care, we can discuss your options for postpartum birth control if you feel your family is complete or you wish to put off having another baby. Our professionals will describe the pros and cons of all forms of birth control including pills, injectables, vaginal rings, Nexplanon, intrauterine devices, and what is safe while breastfeeding. We’ll talk about what your desires are and suggest methods that are longer lasting or more temporary based on your wishes.

Sterilization Procedures

We offer surgical sterilization. If you’re pregnant and having a cesarean section, we can perform your sterilization (tubal) at the same time. Sterilization is designed to be a permanent procedure for women who feel their family is complete.

What Our Patients Are Saying

“I had great experience with both of my pregnancies here. Dr. Salamanca is the best and delivered my son and now he will deliver my daughter.”


“Dr. Alkass is the best! He is there for his patients and always does his best. I wouldn’t want anyone else to perform my surgeries.”


“Dr. Andah is the best I wouldn’t trade him for the world, he delivered both of my healthy girls! I have been with HOF OB/GYN for 10 years, I have not had any issues.”


“Dr. Ferdinand is amazing. She is patient and takes the time to explain things with a smile. She will do all she can to make you comfortable and is an amazing doctor!”


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