No two women are alike, and no two pregnancies are ever the same. To receive the most comprehensive and optimal pregnancy and postpartum care, you need to have access to a wide range of trained maternity healthcare providers including obstetricians (OB), advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNP), and certified nurse-midwives (CNM).

Just ask Nicole, a longtime patient at Heart Of Florida OB/GYN Associates. For six years, and during her pregnancies, she has trusted no other practice with her prenatal, postpartum, and family healthcare needs. A large part of her decision has to do with having access to an extensive array of talented healthcare practitioners who are able to give her the attention she needs.

“The best thing that I love about this doctor’s office is that there is a wide range of doctors, midwives, and nurses here,” says Nicole. “Every pregnancy is different, and there’s always someone here who can answer your questions or help you in the way you need because there are so many healthcare providers present.”

Unparalleled Prenatal and Postpartum Care

When you are pregnant, you require more regular medical attention than just an annual gynecological exam. Comprehensive care begins in the earliest stages of pregnancy, with prenatal checkups and services tailored to your specific needs and continues through each trimester and the delivery of your baby.

From conception to the postnatal phase, Heart Of Florida OB/GYN Associates provides unique resource offerings to their patients to help mothers and their babies stay healthy and happy including:

  • Childbirth education classes – a variety of courses designed to prepare Mom and Dad for the big day
  • Breastfeeding classes – Expectant moms learn about the importance of breastfeeding and breast care and gain an understanding of their baby’s feeding needs and methods to ensure adequate nutrition
  • Breastfeeding support group – Led by a board-certified lactation consultant, this support network of breastfeeding and expecting mothers encourages, inspires, and helps each other
  • Pre-admission – allows patients to register for their hospital stay in advance
  • Helping patients find an OB that meets their needs

It’s also important to learn about proper nutrition and work with your obstetrician to develop a birth plan, choose a pediatrician, and get properly prepared. While you’re pregnant, you’ll have many questions, and it’s critical to have doctors, nurses, and midwives available and willing to answer any of your concerns.

“There are so many different doctors in the office to help you,” says Nicole. “And they’re always ready to answer a question if you have it. It’s not like you go to one doctor and you have to deal with their bedside manner and that’s it. There are so many healthcare providers here. You find the things that you like about each doctor, you put it all together, and you’ve got the perfect one.”

After delivery, mother-baby bonding practices and skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth are an integral part of creating and sustaining a strong and healthy link between mother and child. During this special time, having a medical team that understands those nuances is vital for your baby to enter the world in the most stable, healthy, and harmonious way.

What Happens When You Are Here

For Nicole, entering a caring and supportive environment for her prenatal appointments makes all the difference. She appreciates the personalized attention she receives every time she visits the Heart Of Florida OB/GYN Associates office.

“I have been with this doctor’s office for almost six years now,” says Nicole. “A regular appointment coming to see the doctor typically happens as follows: you go in, and they’re always there to greet you at the front desk. And then you go and leave your urine sample; they’ll tell you what side of the office to go to. And nine times out of ten, they’re waiting right outside the bathroom door for me to come into the room. They’re always there to help you or give you a shoulder to lean on.”

“They always ask you how you’re doing,” Nicole continues. “And they always ask about my children because my kids usually come with me. They’ll measure the baby and ask what symptoms you’re having or what aches and pains are going on. They’ll check to see if your legs are swollen and all that fun stuff. If there aren’t any problems, then you’re good to go, you make another appointment, and you’re on your way.”

Nicole wouldn’t go anywhere else for her maternity care and wholeheartedly endorses Heart Of Florida OB/GYN Associates for any expecting parents. “I would definitely recommend this practice to other people,” she says.

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